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€ 39,00

(incl btw € 47,19)

Tilføj til indkøbskurv
Tilføjet til indkøbskurven

Does your bottom net need replacing or you just think it's nice to have a spare one on stock?

Order a  bottom net right now!


The bottom net has been specially developed by us for the Fashion Trolley. Beautifully tailored, in the same style and convenient to use.


The characteristics:



durable fabric

carrying handles

Convenient Velcro closure keeps the handles in place

80 cm long and 60 cm wide

Price without VAT


We can also print your own logo on the bottom net. (From 10 pieces), please send an email to: info@soopl.nl


Dutch fashion stylist Ferry van der Nat

“Uses our garment racks during his shows”

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